Spring on The School Farms

The kidsa are having a lot of fun out there.....


Farm Roots 2016-2017

An amazingly successful year in the Delta School district and the kids are having a lot of fun learning in a new way.

Sprinkle Time

Even the teachers like a little cool down on a hot day of farming with their students!

A little sprinkle

After a warm session of cucumber planting the young farmers enjoy a hose down.

Pebble Hill Pea dance

The kids have a little excess energy after eating a bunch of peas.

Focusing on Nutritional health

With Food Revolution Day quickly approaching, the Project Pickle kids are

Outside Math is better than inside Math

Onion math today at Pebble Hill elementary school in Tsawwassen.

Worm Stomp

A worm Stomp is a fun way to burn off a little energy and find some earthw

Soil Science

Thi is funny!

Composting and Swimming?

A weird combination I know but about 50 of the 100 kids that learned abo


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