Manure delivery

Thanks Jerry Keulen and Seabreeze farms for the field food!


Seed Saving

This weeks lesson for the young farmers who are learning online.

Delta Farm Roots

We need to find a way to educate young people as to opportunity in the food economy.

Grow your own in these strange times

Spring on The School Farms

The kidsa are having a lot of fun out there.....


Farm Roots 2016-2017

An amazingly successful year in the Delta School district and the kids are having a lot of fun learning in a new way.

Sprinkle Time

Even the teachers like a little cool down on a hot day of farming with their students!

A little sprinkle

After a warm session of cucumber planting the young farmers enjoy a hose down.

Pebble Hill Pea dance

The kids have a little excess energy after eating a bunch of peas.

Focusing on Nutritional health

With Food Revolution Day quickly approaching, the Project Pickle kids are


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