Port Guichon mentors use a classic technique to measure how many feet of h

"Wormo Gigantico"

Great soil makes for great veggies and the kids always have fun visiting

What's up Doc?

Young farmer chows on some of the last of the winter arugula.

Radishes are GOOD

A fun morning of composting and planting with the South Park young farmers

Spicy Arugula

Morning Salad

The young farmers are planning what they are going to plant over the next

Charts and Maps

Planning to plant isn't as easy as it sounds.

Fun in the Sun

What a fantastic day to be outside! Very spring like indeed.

Math, charts, seeds and worms

Planning to plant requires math skills.

Time to stop talking and start doing

From the Delta Optimist......


We have all heard by now that the average age of farmers in Canada is increasing. In British Columbia, this benchmark is approaching 57.


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