Daffs out Veg in!

Another fine day to get young farmers fingers dirty.

Corn Peas and Sunflowers

Today the kids got Romaine Chard and Spinach in the ground and decided by

Corn in!

A nice spring day makes it easy to get out of the classroom and on to the

Planning to plant


Keeping kids fingers dirty Lots going on here with Project Pickle. Lots to do to tie everything together.

An early spring keeps the kids outside!

All kinds of things going on at the school neighbourhood farms.

Spinach for Recess?


Cliff Drive Composting

Another great day to get out on the farm to bury stuff

Burying Our Compost

The kids bury the compost they collected.

Peer Mentoring alive and well in Project Pickle

Part one of English Bluff Elementerys' composting unit this morning on a lovely


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