Taste Testing

The kids are planning to plant.

Planning to Plant

There is considerable planning involved when we are looking at our school

More Fun with Worms

Yet more worm fun!

Some Memories

You can see how much fun the kids are having!

Some Highlights from 2015

Lots in store for the new year including some incredible partnerships

International walk to school week

A very worthwhile undertaking. Please make best efforts to let your kids make it school on their own....just like the olden days!

Some school year highlights

Another Project Pickle school year come to a close.

Food Revolution Day Arugula Salad

Hi Jamie. Happy Food Revolution Day!

More cuke seed in to trays

The Project Pickle peer mentors have been busy of late.
The kindergarten

Peer Mentoring

If you are in Kindergarten, you will be thrilled to get outside to the far


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