Hundreds of Smiley faces get their fingers dirty!

A small vignette of group photos of the young farmers in the Delta School

Thanks for everything Jack-O, you were a good lantern!

He was a good lantern. No, he was better than that!

Selling the Harvest to mom and dad


Daffodils in at Holly

The rain stopped just long enough for some of Mrs.

Beets out! Daffodils in!!

"Green for Greens" chow will be out in the neighbourhood school farm commu

Green for Greens at Holly Elementary

One of the key fundamentals of the Project Pickle initiative is to teach kids

Caught Red Handed

The pigment from the beets got everywhere and one of the McClosky coined t

Shakin our groove thing at School Neighbourhood farms

the kids are having alot of fun participating in Project Pickl

Cliff Drive Harvest

What a great day at Cliff Drive Elementary school. Tons of local chow!

Seaquam gets Pickling!

What a great pickling day in Delta.


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