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This is of the most inquisitive kids I know. He is one of a crew of dedicated farmers in the Delta School District.

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Hi Jamie. Happy Food Revolution Day!

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Food Rev celebration

Mrs. Morrow's grade 2/3 class harvested some early Arugula for lunch today as part of Food Rev week. Very tasty indeed. Buy Arugula futures:) a big hit!

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Welcome Robertson Elementary School!

Another school jumps on board. The kids had a good time watching what the other schools have been up to on the Project Pickle website and are excited to start planting next week.

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The Project Pickle peer mentors have been busy of late. The kindergarten

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Some harvest

A couple of Project Pickle Schools took home some spinach and collards today. We also put a couple of hundred Cuke seeds in trays. They are now in the greenhouse.

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Sense of Community

Another fun session of "Sense of Community" at Heath traditional school yesterday!

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If you are in Kindergarten, you will be thrilled to get outside to the far

Another big day on the farms! sticky icon

Another big day on the farms!

Some nice spinach came out today on one of our school farms. We also got cilantro, more radish and arugula, carrots and peas in the ground.

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to the hundreds of young farmers and their families in Delta. You are doing a great job!

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