Burying Our Compost sticky icon

The kids bury the compost they collected.

Christmas Break sticky icon

Christmas Break

A couple of weeks off for the kids but there will be lots to do in the new year. I asked the kids to ask Santa for seed :)

Peer Mentoring alive and well in Project Pickle sticky icon

Part one of English Bluff Elementerys' composting unit this morning on a lovely

Composting at English Bluff sticky icon

Composting at English Bluff

A good crowd on hand today at English Bluff Elementary where Mrs. Morrow's grade 2/3 class invited reps from grade 1,4,5 and 6 to participate in part 1 of the composting unit.

Thanks for the memories Jacko! sticky icon

One of the greatest Lanterns of all time…"Jacko" gets eulogized before being bur

Another great day to bury stuff sticky icon

The sun came out for a worm stomp and no coats were needed to bury the compost b

What's in it and what's not? sticky icon

What's in it and what's not?

The kids are learning a lot about composting these days. By the end of the week a couple of hundred young farmers will know what can go in to our compost and what can't.

Gibson Elementary Composting Session sticky icon

The garden club gets a Project Pickle composting lesson.

Composting 101 on yet another beautiful day in Delta BC sticky icon

It was chilly but the kids insisted we get outside to practise for the burial of

Bulb Math sticky icon

Another great day in the Delta School District