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All kinds of things going on in the backyard! What a fantastic day!

New School District website update sticky icon

New School District website update

Here is a Project Pickle update from the Delta School District Website

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80 kids get 800 radish seed in the ground yeserday!

Community built around food sticky icon

Community built around food

The kids are learning that food is an important part of community building.

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Workin' it

Madame Kabul's grade 3/4 class has bought a worm veiwer so after the "Sense of Community session, we went outside to find a couple of the beasts. Success!

Cliff Drive Composting sticky icon

Another great day to get out on the farm to bury stuff

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Sense of Community

I spent a fun hour working with K-7 kids at Heath Traditional School today!

A great 2014 sticky icon

A great 2014

A heartfelt thanks to all the kids and educators out there who have embraced Project Pickle. It was a great year and hundreds of children are really enjoying this incredible program.

Burying Our Compost sticky icon

The kids bury the compost they collected.