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A sampling of some of the highlights of the year so far.

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Some fine specimens will be ready for the kids to harvest for Thanksgiving

Back to the School Farm routine sticky icon

Back to the School Farm routine

Getting down to the end of the cuke harvest. An amazing summer stretched the growing season for the vines this year. The kids are back finally.....time to get the fingers dirty again!

Southlands "Bike In" 2014 sticky icon

A great day for some bike riding!

South Delta Food Bank sticky icon

South Delta Food Bank

It was a busy mornin g at the South Delta Food Bank and the Delta School Districta and Project Pickle were happy to be there to donate 50 pounds of cucumbers.

Whats up Doc? sticky icon

Whats up Doc?

Some beautiful carrots getting out of the ground for a food bank run this week. Cucumbers, spuds, peas and beets also in the mix this week.

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Lots of good eats coming out of the ground to get to the food bank on Wednesday morning. Kale, lettuce, carrots, spuds and cucumbers this week.

Of course School Farming helps kids understand food sticky icon

Of course School Farming helps kids understand food

Growing food on underutilzed teaches really young agrarians agri-literacy

A part of todays Harvest sticky icon

A part of todays Harvest

Some carrots and beets out of the ground this norning. Zucchini and the first of the pickling cucumbers in the afternoon. Someone took our garlic tops from Delview Secondary though :)

First batch of carrots! sticky icon

First batch of carrots!

A fine looking bunch of carrots from Holly Elementary School in Delta British Columbia, These and many that follow will be going to the food bank until our Solefood School Farms CSA program is set