Refreshments sticky icon


One of my kids even made me a can of cola for the hot summer! In the foreground.... a crafty piece from some really talented farmers and artists!

Side Benefits sticky icon

Side Benefits

Every year, many of the kids that I work with thank me with the most unbelievable cards. This year has been no exception. A real treat to receive.

Salad for lunch, again? sticky icon

Salad for lunch, again?

Fresh off the farm. Kale, Chard, Spinach and Butter Crunch lettyce for lunch.

Some school year highlights sticky icon

Another Project Pickle school year come to a close.

Spud harvest sticky icon

Spud harvest

Cougar Canyon elementary took spuds and carrots today to make room for the last of the cucumber plants

Dirty fingers sticky icon

Dirty fingers

The Gibson elementary school garden club enjoyed a nice salad for lunch and then got outside to plant the rest of the cucumber plants on this toasty day.

Intense planting sticky icon

Intense planting

Heads buried in concentration. South Park Stingers get a couple dozen more cucumber in the ground today.

Hard working Landscapers sticky icon

Hard working Landscapers

Great work from some keen young farmers who shovelled a yard of soil out of my truck in to their new vegetable garden.

Weeding can be fun too! sticky icon

Weeding can be fun too!

Weeds out....more veg in. And, you get to play in the water after. Scorching hot in #projectpickle ville!

Cukes cukes and more cukes! sticky icon

Cukes cukes and more cukes!

The young farmers from South Park get in to the act