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From seed to burger...the incredible journey! Keeping kids fingers dirty in the schoolyard!

Project Pickle is a Backyard Cooperative partnership with the Delta School District , and Kwantlen University

Lots going on at Gray elementary sticky icon

Lots going on at Gray elementary

50 young farmers were checking on their beds this afternoon. Timing was perfect as the downpour subsided. Each bed is under the care of 10 kids.

Sun and Tee-shirts sticky icon

Sun and Tee-shirts

I kinda miss the sun and Tee- Shirts but they will both be back soon enough.

Festive Farm Roots sticky icon

Festive Farm Roots

The Farm Roots kids have been busy! They are now offering this lovely collection of hand crafted goodies for Christmas festivities.

Tailgate parties sticky icon

Tailgate parties

We are going to try to get a few more of thgese in by the end of the year so that the kids can sample what they are going to plant. It's also a good excuse to eat some veggies!

Blast from the past sticky icon

Blast from the past

One of the early photos from Project Pickle. Peer mentor wityh the grade 6 kids at Pebble Hill elementary.

Goodbye Jacko sticky icon

A yearly tradition that says good bye to our Jack O lantern friends.

Lot's of Composting going on sticky icon

Lots of composting and soil science going on these days.

Our friends sticky icon

Our friends

This young famer was proud that she "caught" three earthworms after our worm stomp

Backyard ingredients sticky icon

Backyard ingredients

Everything tastes just that much better when the ingredients come out of the back yard. I don't have any lamb in the backyard (yet) but I've got everything else. Lamb stew.

Big Crew sticky icon

Big Crew

Mr. Miller's grade 4 kids with their Kindergarten "buddies" learned about composting. Lot's of worms involved which always makes for high drama!