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Zinnia Issues

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 11 June 2012

I have a few 6 inch high Zinnias that are supposed to grow 3-4ft. They can in a 4" pot with one major bloom and two secondary blooms forming on either side. They seem to be dying as if from lack of water but that shoud'nt  be the case. it has been coolish since they were planted. Could that be the cause? I don't see any pests although the bottom leaves are drying around the edges.

I also have a bunch of seedlings that are doing fine.

Any thoughts out there backyard buddies?


Zinnias like lots of light and heat. You can sow seeds inlate June for a good late summer early fall display. They like to be watered from the ground as well so best to use a soaker hose if you can. They are prone to mildew if you water them from above.

Anything food wise to plant this time of year?

I saw some Zinnias on Arthur Drive the other day that looked like they were still thriving! The tall 4 footers that I couldn't find anywhere. This year I'm going to go on my own with seed.

I am now convinced it is the lack of heat in this final week of spring that has done in my Zinnia's! Everything else seems to be surviving? Wait a minute. I lied. Some Basil varieties are having a tough time as well.

Is there a typical root bound pest for zinnias? Anyone know?

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