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Yet another big Day!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 22 May 2014

Yet another big Day!

Another 6 classes seeded and in to the greenhouse. Last week's seeding is already germinating. Project Pickle has about 700 plants on the go and the rest will be completed over the next few days. Lot's of fun!

The first coupl hundred seedlings will be ready to go in the ground next week. We willstagger them until the end of June.

My niece and nephew are always talking about their farming activities. Nice to see them enthusiastic about growing food

Growing skinny kids with dirty fingers is the plan

Thay are coated with an organic sulphiye which helps prevent rot from soggy conditions. Works great!

Why are the cucumber seeds blue?

If there was a way to channel the enthusiasm that these kids have about growing food we would not have to worry about food security or health issues associated with youngsters.

Project Pickle is working on that and we mean business!

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