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Worms are a big hit with kids!!!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 08 February 2013

A couple of classes learned about composting and the importance of worms today at English Bluff Elementary in Tsawwassen. It was great to hear how many of the children were growing stuff at home and it was even better to hear how excited hey were to compost and feed the worms. Next week some green and browns will be buried in a composting bed and we will check on the process in a couple of weeks leading up to seed planting time. Kids had a blast as usual! A simple guide to composting is attached below.

qog-composting.pdf1.86 MB

We have been busy preparing the beds for planting for seeding next week, Some schools will be planting spinach and others garlic and radishes. Some schools will be focusing on some herb plantings shortly and we are hoping to start construction on our hoop house shortly. Things are getting busy!

Can we compost right now ebven though we dont have a composter yet

It was really great to hear from the learners today. Lots of them have been growing things at home and that s great to hear. A couple of the kids were very knowledgable and they are all looking forward to partcipating in Project Pickle. Thanks to Lori, Rennie and the keeners at English Bluff!

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