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Worm resort

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 06 November 2012

Worm resort

The worm spa is packed. The buffet includes beet greens, pumpkin, coffee grounds and maple leaves

That is quite the photo! when you are far enough away it has a beautiful color pallette

As long as they are not glossy. Cardboard works great too. Go and ask your local retailers if you can take some pumpkins off their hands.

Good question "guest". Although dog poop can be composted, it is a little  dodgy. I would stay away from it.
There are some good tips on composting in this article.

Can dog feces go in to making compost? I keep hearing different answers on this one. Also, can I put newspapers in my compost bin? I have one of thos e black ones that was purchased through a municipal program a few yearsback. Thanks in advance.

Very gross now but will be great in the garden in the spring

Nice work at the resort!

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