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Whats up Doc?

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 28 July 2014

Whats up Doc?

Some beautiful carrots getting out of the ground for a food bank run this week. Cucumbers, spuds, peas and beets also in the mix this week.

At Tsawwassen United Church we have 13 food pods that have a good mix of greens that should be ready for the kids at South Park to take home for Thanksgiving

Doesn't look good for September for the kids but we will make sure that they will have food to harvest when they do get back to school.

We are seeding regardless and the crops will be maintained during a prolonged strike. We are planning for a pre thanksgiving harvest for some crops so hopefully the strike will be resolved by then.

Pickled carots are tasty and you can moderate the type of sweetness or savoury by altering the ingrediants. Epicuriious has some good recipes.

lots of recipes out there. Google Canadian Living for some interesting ones

am curious on how the project pickle will proceed if there is s prolonged strike?

I have seen some of the gardens and am interested to know if I can volunteer to help get the food to the table.

I still have some carrots in the ground and am wondering if you can recommend a storage solution?

I saw someone up at English Bluff pulling stuff out of the ground. They looked young. Hopefully not a vandal

Yes. We are holding two farmers market events at the Tsawwassen United Church in September and october. Details to follow shortly

Can we buy some of the produce grown at the schools?

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