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Tsawwassen United Church supports Project Pickle

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 30 March 2014

Tsawwassen United Church supports Project Pickle

We are thrilled to announce thet the Tsawwassen United Church will be providing land for Project Pickle! A quater of an acre of unused land at the rear of the church will be re-purposed to grow food. The proximity to South Delta Secondary and South Park Elementary School will mean that kids in the neighbourhood will be able to grow, share, and eat fresh produce.

Initially a small footprint of the site will be used with 14 Sole Food Street Farms "food pods" being deployed. We see this operation expanding to 50 plus food pods, a hoop house and possibly a CSA program down the road.

The farm will be tended by highschool students and managed by Kwantlen University's Institute for Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) students as a part of the "adopt a farm" program partnership with the Delta School District.

A portion of the crop will be grown specifically for the food bank.

Thanks to Rick and the BOD of the Tsawwassen United Church for providing the opportunity for this exciting initiative.

A thired of the site has been levelled and three orchard containers will be delivered shortly. The other 10 beds will be on site in a couple of weeks. Execiting times!

We will grow a wide variety of vegetables and root crops and will also be growing a few fruit trees and haven't decided on these yet. The farm will consist of PVC raised beds designed by Sole Food Street Farms.

What will be grown on this land. Will it be soil based farming?

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