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Thanks for everything Jack-O, you were a good lantern!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 25 November 2013

He was a good lantern. No, he was better than that! He was perhaps the greatest pumpkin that ever lived. "Jack - O" the former lantern has been a part of a composting lesson with Mme Kabel's grade 3 class at Heath elementary in North Delta. Today Jack-O was eulogized and then buried with some red wigglers to help the school farm for the spring. Thank you Jack-O you will not be forgotten!

qog-composting.pdf1.86 MB

Jacko's remains are growing nicely

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea shore try using seaweed and kelp for your compost. Best to take a look after a high wind and on a high tide. Pumpkins make fantastic composting material as well. Poor Jacko! he will be remembered in the spring!

I just attached a composting guide to the bottom of this post

I forgot my camera so this was shot on my I-phone which doesnt handle vertical to horizontal. My bad!

That is a funny movie but why did it go sideways?

We do this lunch bag composting thing. The kids take the paper lunch bag home (brown) and partially fill it with greens and other browns. On the blackboard is a list of some of the material that can be put in the bag. I brought some samples in to the classroom one of which was a handful of straw from a hay bale I had left over from Halloween. One of the grade three girls diligently wrote down the list of materials on her lunch bag and I guess mom or dad helped out. I can picture some head scratching when they came to the word straw.In the bag was a neon lime colored plastic straw!

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