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Some school year highlights

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 19 June 2015

Another Project Pickle school year come to a close. These are some images from a fun year...

We cleaned out the beds yesterday and just left the tomatoes. Some compost and soil enhancers will go in later in the week and Arugula, Choy and spinach will be seeded.

This farm will be cleaned up for planting of our third crop next week

Two of the 5 beds have partial shade until late afternoon so the cucumbers do well here. The other three are good for tomatoes and corn but are too hot for the cucumbers


How do the gardens do at Gibson elementary that are built on the pavement?

It has definatley been a challenge keeping the crops going . Some of the farms are just too exposed to heat and although some crops have been harvested, some have been re purposed and new seed has been sown.

Wrapping up my sessions with the kids this week. A little sad but the kids are excited about harvest in the fall. Loks like it will be a challenge to keep everything wet this summer!


The kids had a blast. I was touched yeterday when two grade three kids from different schools got a little teary eyed when they learned that They would not be seeing me until September. So cute and it makes it all worthwhile!

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