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Sole Food Street Farms trains the trainers

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 07 June 2013

The Delta School District’s developing partnership with Sole Food Street Farms took a big move forward on Thursday as 30 Principals and senior district staff were taken on a tour of the Sole Food Street Farms Pacific Boulevard site. World renowned urban agriculture expert and co-founder of SFSF described the social enterprise aspect of the venture and the unique infrastructure inherent to the operation that produces thirty to 40 unique artisan quality fruits and vegetables that are available through a CSA program, for sale on the street and a burgeoning wholesale revenue stream to top end hotels and restaurants in the downtown core who can buy unique and ultra high quality produce for the discerning palette. After the tour, an update of the Delta School Districts’ Project Pickle was given by Mike Schneider, founder of the Backyard Cooperative. 16 school neighbourhood farms will be operating 62 raised garden beds. To date hundreds of children have been involved in learning about food, how it is grown, harvested, distributed, marketed and ultimately eaten. In the next two weeks hundred more will be working in the buddy system to plant pickling cucumbers which are the main component of the program. High school and University students will be tending the crops over the summer and will be planting secondary crops during the summer. There are a wide variety of veggies on the grow throughout Delta and curriculum development is ongoing and ramping up for the 2013 / 2014 school year. Superintendent Dianne Turner, Mike Schneider and Sole Food Street Farms proprietors Michael Ableman and Seann Dory will be working closely to develop a template for a Sole Food School Farms education model that will role out concurrently as Sole Food Street Farms evolves.

The tour provided by the Sole Food Street Farms at their Pacific Boulevard site to the Principals and senior district staff was indeed marvelous. This will certainly inspire many of them to promote urban agriculture to meet the demands of the growing population. visit

We are likely going to use these tubs for some of our School Farms. We are working with Seaquam secondary to build a 200 bed facility on their school property to fuel their culinary arts program. These tubs are a perfect solution and can be moved by pallette jacks.

You can also buy direct at the corner of Main and Terminal at the site of the largest "urban orchard" in North America.

Make sure you don't leave without some of the unbelievable French strawberries!

This is the largest site and it is located in Vancouver British Columbia at the intersection of Pacific Boulevard and Carrall street. It is adjacent to BC Place and resides on land owned by Concord Pacific. Check out this video from co-founder Seann Dory

I am not sure if public tours are available. Senda tweet to @solefoodfarms

Hi there. These tubs are on the latest Sole Food Street Farms site at Main and Terminal Avenue. If you can believe it, they are to house 800 exotic fruit trees at this site. The largest urban orchard in North America will see Fig, Persimmon, Lemon and other exotics. The micro climate and the farming techinques will guarantee success.

i noticed rows and rows of big empty black tubs in one of the photos. What are those for?

That is quite something. Where is this operation and can the public tour the site?

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