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Sole Food Street Farms

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 28 June 2013

Sole Food Street Farms

Great meeting with Michael Ableman and Superintendent Dianne Turner at Sole Food Street Farms BC Place site last Thursday! Sandor Gyarmati from the Delta Optimist interviewed us  and the developing relationship between Sole Food, the Backtard Cooperative and the Delta School District.

The kids have been having a blast and next year the program is going to be even better. We will have a school neighbourhood farm at all 31 schools in Delta and we will be producing top notch produce.

Seaquam will be the first mini Solefood School farm and will use techniques used on the Solfood Street farms in Vancouver.

The planning for this exciting project is going on now and we will be getting lots of kids involved in the construction of the site in September.

What is going on at Sequam High School?

Agreed. You would think that agriculture would be a component of the curriculum. It is now!!

Yes, I fead the article in the Delta Optimist this morning and I was asking myself why something this simple has taken so long to do. I am so very happy that children will be exposed to agriculture in theor school studies.

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