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Sense of Community

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 22 January 2015

Sense of Community

I spent a fun hour working with K-7 kids at Heath Traditional School today! They are embarking on a project to engage children in to understanding points of view around the idea of "sense of community".

Farmer Mike feels fortunate to have been asked to participate in this endeavour. Every second Thursday I get to speak to a new group of learners with my take on community.

The school breaks up in to coded mixtures of students and they are all exposed to new lessons each session. There is an element of peer mentoring which is a key pillar in Project Pickle.

My take on the project and the basis for my presentation speaks to some of the educational foundations that are inherent to Project Pickle.

Food and farming have been a central aspect of community since the dawn of agrarian societies. Robust settlements of peoples from all over the world have built their communities around food.

Project Pickle is in the process of using school owned lands as agri-literacy platforms and it is also engaging children and school families to embrace community by using food as the binder. Lot's more to come on this. Stay tuned!

Great idea! I will try that out at the next session.

Yes…. a difficult task. Crayons work for me.

I'm going to have to find something for the K's and grade 1 kids to do though:)

It's OK when they ae outside but sitting at a desk for 45 minutes?

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