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Seed trays for 700 pickling cucumber

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 18 May 2013

OK...this is like me on Thursday working the seeding tray machine. My first time. Instead of eating Dirt the trays just fell of the conveyor in a big pile of plastic, peat and soil. I finally figured it out and in the next few days, 700 children will seed 700 plants in celebration of Food Revolution Day. In a few weeks 1400 kids using the the buddy system will plant the seedlings in 16 school neighbourhood farms to officially launch Project Pickle 2013

I'm going to guess that we got about 90% which is pretty darned good. 

A little late but it never hurts to try!

Just curious, what % of the seeds germinated approximately?

Can I plant pickjling cucumbers now?

I forgot about that Lucy episode. Unbelievably funny!

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