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Seaquam gets Pickling!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 10 September 2013

Seaquam gets Pickling!

A few hundred pickling cucumbers were dropped off at Seaquam Secondary School this morning. Chef Michael Boyle  gives the "word" to the produce and his culinary students are going to learn how to pickle the bumper crop. Several dozen are in jars in various forms already including classic dill, spicy spears and sweet bread and butter styles.

The canvas is blank for the Seaquam students and we are looking forward to see what they come up with.

In the peer mentoring spirtit of Project Pickle, the students will eventually show the kids  up the street at Cougar Canyon Elementary how the pickling process works.

There are seveal lessons in the works for the elementary kids which will show them the complexities of the food system that puts a seed in ground which ends up as a pickle slice on a hamburger. It is quits a journey! Stay tuned!

These pickles can be eaten in about two weeks time. remember to keep them in the fridge.

Wow. Chef Boyle sure stepped up. The Seaquam Culinary instructor took on a boat load of cucumbers grown at several schools in Delta and spent a couple of hours showing his students how to make bread and butter pickles. Not only that, neighbouring Cougar Canyon Students gardening club, who actually grew some of the fruit, got to take part in the prep and processing.

A true Project Pickle mentoring experience!

When can these pickles be eaten?

60 kids were taught how to make refrigerator pickles at Beach Grove yesterday. They had a blast!

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