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School cooking goes mainstream

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 11 February 2013

Culinary programs are now a required area of study in the high school curriculum for kids in the UK school system. The school food plan will teach kids various cooking techniques and help them understand them understand the importance of nutrition.


You are right It seems as though only high schools have kitchen/cafeterias. In our school district in any case. If you look at some of the older elementary schools in the Vancouver School District, several of them have kitchens and or cafeterias.

It is important to get kids in the kitchen that is for sure. At home is the best place.

It doesn't seem like many schools that were built in the 60's and later have any kitchens in them. Why is that. Modern schools seem to recognize the importance of kitchens and cafeterias

No Problem! We encourage children in our school district to learn how to grow, share, trade, sell and cook food.

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I think that is marvellous and long overdue. Nice to see some culinary innovation. A long way to go before catching up to the French experience though!

It is about time isn't it? Surrounding our kids with food will help them better understand its importance

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