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Red Wigglers

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 22 November 2013

Red Wigglers

One of the most enjoyable part of what we are doing in the Delta School District is working with the elementary kids on composting units. The squeals of mock fear are hilarious. It is really an ageless boy and girl thing that is the same everyhere. Ewwww!! worms!

We can compost all year round in our climate

If you have a contained manufactured black bin, even small amounts of heat can maintaine the composting process. Outdoor areas require a little more work but just remember to layer your "greens" and "browns" and make sure there is adequate mositure in your pile.

Can we begin to compost even this late in the year in the Pacific Northwest?

I can recall saving worms when walking to school in the rain. I would take them off the streets and sidewalks and take them to the school ground where I would proudly display them to the girls. Instinctual hunter gatherer complex I suppose? inevitably the shrieks would resonate throughout the schoolyard before I would take the saved creatures to a safer and dryer part of the schoolyard.

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