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Project Pickle keeping kids fingers dirty!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 06 February 2013

Right back at it at Beach Grove Elementary today. All kinds of kids had fun contributing by moving 2 yards of soil to courtyard raised beds to add to their outside beds. Seeds soon!

Garden plans will be sent out to students in the coming weeks. Their task? To plan what to plant in their school neighbourhood farms based on understanding rotation and coastal BC planting charts

A compost unit coming up next for the Beach Grove kids. We will be checking seed catalogues and getting ready to sow and plant soon.

That is really awesome! Hard work is good for children and my family is happy to be participating in the school project.

Down at Beach Grove again. It is always amazing to see how much fun the kids have doing this work. Anything to get out of the classroom say a few of them. All the kids worked really hard and accomplished a lot! The little guys are itching to plant something. Well done Beach Grove!

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