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Project Pickle in Full Swing!!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 09 May 2013

Project Pickle in Full Swing!!

Currently there are 32 raised beds growing food on District owned lands in school neighbourhood farms. There will be another 35 raised beds added in the next couple of weeks and many more added over the summer. Project Pickle is a collaborative effort to introduce agriculture to K-12 Learners in the hopes that they will eat healthy neighbourhood grown food and become interested in the possibilities of career opportunities in the agri-food sector.

The Delta School District, along with its partners the Corporation of Delta, Sole Food Farms, Port Metro Vancouver and Kwantlen University are excited to help kids get interested in growing their own food.

In 10 days or so, 700 school age learners will plant a pickling cucumber seed as a part of the celebration of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day program. Just before being dismissed for summer break, cucumber seedlings will be transplanted to 17 school neighbourhood farms.This will be accomplished by the mentor "buddy sytem" inherent to project pickle. This stage will invlove 1500 Delta School District learners.

During the summer, highschool kids will tend the farms in preparation for various harvest.

The science and marketing of making pickles will be taught to the kids in the fall upon return from the summer break.

All in all in the first year of Project Pickle will see several lessons conducted on school neighbourhood farms.

To date you can certainly see that the kids are having a blast. Just check out the dozens of Indy movies on this site.

More to come....stay tuned!!

4 more in North Delta yesterday

Do you need help from parents? i lovethe idea and have floowed the progress which I think has been fantastic

can hardly wait

can hardly wait

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