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Project Pickle Featured Internationally

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 27 October 2013

Project Pickle Featured Internationally

The Delta School District has featured Project Pickle in its News feature for the international attention the program has received via the Edible Schoolyard Project

We followed the lead from last year and made a concerted effort to employ the lasagna method. Layers are key to making good compost and the resaults were outstanding during the growing season. You could really tell the difference. I am all in again this year and it is a good excuse to be outside in the off season tending to the soil.

Yes....thinga are moving along nicely indeed. We will have some exciting announcements toward the end of the year regarding partnerships and expansion plans. Stay tuned!

My neice and nephwe have reaklly been enjoying the program. They especially like the composting units. Are thiose on the radar for this year as well?

Nice to see things moving along so nicely. My two kids have been involved in several Project Pickle lessons over the past year and they always look forward to seeing "Farmer Mike" in the classroom and at the school farm.

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