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Project Pickle on the 6 o'clock News!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 10 January 2014

The story just keeps growing! A great snapshot of the fine work going on in the Delta School District. Oh and by the way, grade 2 kids are in love with worms in case you were wondering.

And here is the Randy Shore Vancouver Sun article from a couple of weeks back from the Delta School District website.

Once Delta is finished and our new curriclum is introduced it is hoped that other districts will sign on to the inititaive..

We saw the story on the news and were wondering if you plan to take the project to other districts?

It was a lot of fun doing the Global News segment. I wish we had more time bexause there is so much more to talk about. Our strong partnership with Kwantlen University will be a model for developing agri-literacy in our school sytem. Delta is truly an innovator here!

A great little story about a great little project!

The kids had lots of fun on the worm hunt the other day and were thrilled to be filmed by Glbal Televison!

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