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Project Pickle

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 26 November 2012

Superintendent Dianne Turner hosted a great meeting at the School board boardroom today.
Every school in Tsawwassen was present with a combination of principals, students and educators interested in pursuing the project.
Collaboration, mentoring, and innovative teaching methods are all supporting the Districts goals as outlined in the District Vision.
All schools in Tsawwassen will have functional farming environments set up by the end of the year and infrastructure for Ladner and North Delta will begin just after the Christmas break.
This horticultural initiative will see 16 thousand learners in 31 schools learn more about food, the earth, and the food economy.
Using District owned land assets to teach kids, parents and school farm neighbourhood residents to grow share and trade is all good!

In early days, the Delta School District is looking to engage 31 schools and 16 thousand students.
"Hort in the Hood" builds all the benefits of school farm neighbourhoods.
Rock on Delta School District!

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