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Planning to Plant

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 28 January 2016

There is considerable planning involved when we are looking at our school farms for spring time. Today the Gibson Garden Club picked some veggies from their seed chart and recorded where the rows were planted. We are experimenting with some early seeding of Broad Beans and Radish.

We are making sure that the kids are eating salads every couple of weeks to sample veggies that they are interested in planting.

We will try some cantelope this year for sure. We might try watermelon at Gibson elementary where it gets Africa hot in the summer.

A couple of the garden clubs and partcipating classes took seed charts and farm diagrams home to engage their families to pick six vegetables to plant over the coming weeks.

We are trying move nutrition in to the backyards of your young farmers.

The kids have a lot to think about when they engage in their seed planning.

Lots of Math, lots of visioning, lots of logistical issues to overcome. Thay are up for the challenge though! 

The kids did a great job today. Reading and understanding the seed chart is not as easy as you would think. One thing is for sure...they all want watermelon!

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