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Pickling Cucumber seed ordered

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 17 April 2014

Pickling Cucumber seed ordered

I placed our order for pickling cucumbers today. 1400 primary school children will plant seed in trays in a couple of weeks and then the trays will sit in their homes at Delta Greenhouses until June when another couple of thousand kids working in pairs will plant the seedlings. Giddyup!!

First Spring harvests will see a lot of salad for lunch next week in the Delta School District. 

Project Pickle is featured on the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution website!!

Food Revolution Day is right around the corner and Project Pickle and the Delta School District will be involved in several ways. Stay tuned for details this week.

A shout out to Eric and the wonderful ladies at Delta Greenhouses who are once again helping out with Project Pickle this year.

It might even be more than that. We have been talking to a retailer who is interested in a branding opportunity for our product.

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