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Peer Mentoring alive and well in Project Pickle

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 12 December 2014

Part one of English Bluff Elementerys' composting unit this morning on a lovely sunny day which has not been the norm around here lately. Grades 1-6 learning together which is quite thrilling for the younger learners.

Very cool to see that some of the older kids are great teachers. Some of them are complete naturals!

Love looking over the seed catalogues this time of year. We've got our greenhouse space lined up and will be planning our plots soon. Never an idle moment it seems.

Yes....hundreds of kids will be enjoying salads for special foods days in the new year.

So the plan is to serve veggies in the classroom?

We have some really interesting lesson plans built around nutrition and regional produce. The kids get to decide what they like best and then we will plant their faves in the spring. Should be fun!

It was very gratifying to see that some of the older peer mentor children remembered this composting unit from the last couple of years. They are all retaining some important messages about soil science, worms and plant care.

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