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Nutrition Slideshow

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 26 March 2013

Nutrition Slideshow

This is an interesting article about school cafeterias and how a relatively small amount of money and effort can help kids get nutritional meals.

A related slideshow from the webMD website gives valuable info on what kids need and why.

Where we live many of the schools that were built in the 60's and 70's do not have cafeterias. Cost savings measures back then are backfiring now. Most busy families attempt to send their kids off to school with a decent lunch and snack where there are no cafeterias, but not every child gets a healthy lunch or a lunch at all for that matter.

Spiralling incidents of childhood diabetes and other health issues are burdening our health care system now. A few well conceived cafeterias back then could have paid dividends.

The Delta School District is encouraging kids to appreciate healthy choices through its Project Pickle Initiative. Kids have built and are prepping 28 raised garden beds for seeding.

In the next couple of weeks they will seed, plant and tend several crops. High school kids will tend the crops and harvest in the summer, plant secondary foods in preparation for fall harvest  and sale to local school communities.

When a grade 5 kid knocks on your door in October with a couple of bags of spinach and a jar of pickles in his had, do your family and your local school neighbourhood farm a favour and buy them!


The Web MD slideshow is simple and informative. Required viewing for all moms and dads

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