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Nutrition is interesting and fun!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 25 February 2013

Today in the Delta School District the Backyard Cooperative co-founder and field manager grade 12 student "ML" talks to grade 3 and 4 learners about nutrition. The district grew a wack of Spinach over the summer and fall, and a soon to be famous spinach salad recipe was shared. Fruit salad was also on the menu as was a discussion about the Canada Food Guide. Some kids liked the spinach more than others but a couple asked for more. Baby steps!

I would say that eight or so kids actually ate the salad. Most ate their fruit salads and some had seconds of the spinach. It was a little sad to hear that some of the children had never had spinach. When they harvest their own crops in the fall they may have more of an appreciation. At least that is the plan!

How many of the kids actually ate the spinach salad? We would like to do something similar at our school.

Students from SDSS tended and taught kids from elementary schools how to harvest, process, and market dozens of heads of spinach and lettuce this past fall. Hundreds of dollars were poured back in to local school neighbourhoods and the learners had way too much fun? Here we ago again!

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