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New Farm

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 15 October 2015

New Farm

A great morning to build a new farm in the Delta School district. The kids from Port Guichon elementary hauled yellow cedar, layed out the frames and marked the guides for the screws. Thay all used a drill for the first time as well. If that wasn't enough they shovelled 4 yards of soil in to the completed rames. A job well done indeed!

Farmer Mike will be meeting with the mentors tomorrow to get them started on the "Ambassador" program. A new Project Pickle initiative. More on that to come.

The children were very excited to be able to plant daffodil bulbs this week.

It is cool that the school farm is a hedgerow away fro an operating cranberry farm. Kids in this school are lucky!

Farmer Mike has worked with many dozens of kids in the set up stage of the Project Pickle farms but I have to say these kids were awesome! Wel behaved, diligent and genuinely interested.

These grade 5/6 kids will be the mentors to the younger children at the school. We will start with planting bulbs next week.

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