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Morning tailgating party

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 27 April 2016

Radish right out of the school farm makes for a great pre-recess snack in the Delta School District

It seems as though some kids crave the veggies.

It is quite interesting to learn about what is being eaten at home in the diverse cultural landscape of North Delta.

A good excuse for kids eating salad every once in a while is to discuss planning for next springs crops. Diabolical, I know!

First one will be next wednesday with a lettuce Kale and tomato salad at Pebble Hill school.

Nothing better than hanging out at the truck and eating some food you grew yourself. Lots of that upcoming!

The McClosky farm added two apple trees and a plum tree.

The McCloskey crew recently enjoysed a spinach and strawberry salad as well.

A great TG party at McCloskey today. Photos on the way.


That was a lot of fun this morning. We also thinned out the carrots. We will be eating them in our next tailgating session.

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