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Mini version of "Project Pickle"

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 13 October 2012

The kids all had a blast and learned a lot! Tasty treats will be ready soon!

Pickjles made by kids in the Delta School District will be enjoyed by many over the Christmas Holidays!

We are expecting the majority of the greens to be purchased by parents but if you would like to get on a list just in case there is extra just send an email to

This sounds like a pretty good recipe at the Food Revolution site

Here is the "Project Pickle" story from the Delta School District's website.

The South Delta Leadedidn't get the whole story right but you get the idea.
SDSS high school students helped the elementary kids plant in June and then tended and harvested the crop in the summer. The elementary school kids were then taught how to pickle the cucumbers by SDSS student ML Schneider.

The pickles are in various stages of processing and are for the most part sitting on the shelf waiting to be eaten.
Next up at Pebble Hill will be "Green for Greens" a fundraiser for the school where several dozen heads of lettuce, spinach and beet greens will be harvested and sold for $5 bucks a bag. Totally organic product grown and tended by school community children.
Doesn't get any better than that!

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