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Meeting with Kwantlen

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 16 November 2013

We had a great meeting with the Kwantlen student committee for sustainable agriculture yeterday. We will be working on plans to get the students involved in developing and participating in unit based curriclums for K-12 in the Delta School District. They are excited and so are we. We are going to start with a timeline project called "seed to burger" which will identify the lifespan of a pickle as part of "Project Pickle". The outcome is to identify the wide varierty of jobs in the food economy that are often overlooked.

Getting to some fun with worms this past week. Lots of composting on the horizon before Christmas break

Hve hd some good feedback from the students at Kwantlen who will be assisting in dveloping some of the curriculm. We are going to start on a timeline project for K-3 students which will be a lot of fun!

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