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Lots of Learners Learning about Compost!

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 10 December 2012

Another big composting day in Tsawwassen. Soon, all schools in Delta will be producing 'Black Gold' to add to their neighbourhood schoolyard farms in the spring. Hort in the Hood and Project Pickle are key initiatives in the Delta School District which is uses Inspired Learning to develop farmers for our future.

Yes you can compost all year round. The trick is making sure you have adequate amounts of green and brown materials and that the mixture has adequate moisiture and oxygen. Turn your compost at least once every two weeks and make sure that greens are covered with browns when you put the mix to sleep for a week or two.

Dig down a foot or so to check your worm content. Lots of worms will keep the process moving even in frigid conditions. Happy worms make for good compost!

Can I compost when it is below zero degrees? Does the process still work in winter?

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