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Little Farmers plant more Veggies

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 11 April 2013

Little Farmers plant more Veggies

All the seeds are gone says one of about 40 Kindergarten kids who spelled the word Garden on this fine spring day at South Park elementary school in sunny Tsawwassen.

The youngsters were told what to do by 2 pairs of grade 6 an 7 student mentors

The kids had a lot of fun as per usual. Its good to get them outside especially when its not raining

Darryl Penny's Grade 4 and 5;s worked with their Kindergarten buddies today to check out some compost and plant "Cliff Drive" in to one of their garden beds with radishes. Truly a spectacular day to be outside in the garden!

Little guys have very high expectations. Planted some seed with nephews and nieces on the weekend and they are already concerned the veggies aren't growing!!

The grade 6 and 7 mentors showed nerves of steel and saintly patience as they attempted to get the little guys to plant their seeds in the form of letters. Several of the K's just threw their seeds at the soil hoping, I guess, that they would magically align in the pre carved shapes. Very funny indeed.

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