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Last of the Spinach :(

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 20 November 2012

The last of the spinach from Pebble Hill Traditional school was harvested this afternoon.
It will make its way to the Delta Food Bank for distribution tomorrow morning.

Last of the Spinach :(

ML Schneider, co-founder of the Backyard Cooperative made her famous spinach salad on Friday for Adrian of the South Delta Leader on Friday morning.

We haven't had one for a while but it is clear that Pebble Hill and English Bluff spinach is way superior to the bag 0' spinach we bought from Safeway!

We really enjoyed the spinach we bought for the school fundraiser in October. Do you think you will do it again next year? Do you have any plans for a spring sale?

Way to go Cullen Bri and Bailey. You made someone smile yesterday!

It was a great crop and the kids had a lot of fun learning and teaching their peers.

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