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Last of the Cuke crop

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 24 August 2015

Last of the Cuke crop

It has been a challenging summer with irrigation being the major obstacle this year. This is the last of the South Park Elementary cucumber harvest and the vines will be pulled tomorrow. There are now only two school fars producing fruit still and they will be done next week.

Im looking forward to seeing the kids again shortly.


Yes, on white bread no crust, butter and salt and pepper. Just like Gramma used to make!

We were at the Southlands Bike In on Sunday and had a cucumber salad that was simply thinly sliced peeled cucumbers with lime juice, white vinegar salt pepper and basil. Delish!

I am sure you must have been serving cucumber sandwiches to summer guests?

Partof the quality control measures that I have implimented ensure that I eat some form of cucumber every day. I am running out of ideas. Any fave cuke recipes out there?

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