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King of the Compost

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 15 March 2014

King of the Compost

Mr. Darryl Penny and his class are keeners and are outside a lot. They had a huge harvest last fall. Potatoes, Arugula, spinach, beets, pumpkins, shallots, corn and of course cucumbers!

With a robust composting program ongoing, their school neighbourhood farm is home to rich fertile soil.

Yesterday the first seeds went in the ground which will germinate over spring break.

A relatively dry spell but the moonsoons will be back. A good time to get seed in the ground!

Seed potatoes going in at several schools next week. Radishes are germinating and it is certainly spring. Finally!

Yes they were Warba potatoes. We had a great crop and took seed potatoes from there. We harvested about 60 pounds from one frame!

We bought some of the potatoes last year. I beleive they were "Warba".....lots of eyes and very tasty indeed

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