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Kindergarten kids plant Daffodils

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 15 November 2012

Grade seven student leaders showed 50 or so kindergarten kids how to plant daffodils in their schoolyard gardens the past few days. The Delta School District is germinating new ideas in school yard farms. And.....the kids are learning all kinds of things.

Growing in school yard and the backyard are helping new generations of learners understand the possibilities within the food economy.

Wow, that looks like they all had fun. Perhaps a special plant sale will be in order next April.

Thanks for the comment. The video was made with an iphone 4 using an imovie application on the phone. Once you complete the clip you can publish it to your camera role, share it on twitter or post it to Youtube. Quite a handy app actually. Especially for stuff you want to share right away.

Cool video. What kind of software was used? Is it done from a phone or a proper video camera?

As usual, the kids had a blast today. The weather was fantastic and we could all feel actual heat on our bodies. Looks like the last sunny day for a while so glad to have some fun with the kids the past few days.

Early talk is that they are going to bundle them and sell them to their moms and dads for school projects.
That is what they did with their 'green for greens' programs selling dozens of bags of beets , spinach and lettuce. The big project in the spring will be "Project Pickle".

What are the schools going to do with the finished product?

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