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Kids Given'er in the Delta School District today

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 21 May 2014

Kids Given'er in the Delta School District today

What a great day for the kids today! We now have 500 seeds in the green house planted by K-5 kids. Another 500  will make it in to the greenhouse by the weekend.

There is lots of math involved with farming! All classes have been asked to consider farming math equations such as.... 1000 plants X 5 cukes per plant equals how many potential cucumbers? Then, they are asked to divide that by ten to estimate the amout of jars of product they will produce. Finally, beautifully crafted and merchandised product may have a $10 price tag associated at the end of the process. How much goes back to the school and what the classes like to use this revenue for?

Very vibrant discussion indeed.

School farms can generate a real understanding of the compexities of the food economy. It's all good!

And in about 4-5 weeks, the buddy system kicks in where several hundred more kids will be involved with the planting process.  Seed to Burger....the Project Pickle  gets extended reach in Delta and abroad.

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