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Kale and Chard salad for lunch

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 10 November 2015

Kale and Chard salad for lunch

Lots of fun at McClosky elementary yesterday! The kids harvested some of their Kale and Chard for a tasty salad.

The Canadian dollar reached a 12 year low today and that means stress on import food prices for the winter. Canning is going to be an imortant part of our curriculum in the fall this year.

Even though we don't have many fresh veggies left, we are going to continue with our salad lunches throughout the winter with imported produce. The idea is that the kids will choose what they want to grow after sampling all kinds of crops that can be grown in our region.

A couple of frosts in a row has challenged everything except the Kale which is still showing strength

Yes... still lots of greens to chow down on. The first frosts have not been to hard so many greens are still naging on.

Still diggin it! The children in our community are still eating carrots, kale, chard and lettuce. We are seeding some crops to anticpate traditional temperature ranges. Doesn't hurt to be trying new techniques.

Once again we were able to pull off asalad lunch without any salad dressing. The kids are starting to get that different flavours amongst the ingredients is dressing enough. Great to see!

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