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June stuff

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 26 June 2013

A cracy couple of weeks in Delta!! Several hundred kids get their fingers dirty!!

It has actually been quite challenging at some of our neighbourhood school farms. Some schools do not have access to water so the Backyard Cooperative truck the water in. Some of the farms have direct sun virtually all day long and some of the beds on asphalt become excessively hot during the day. We ae taking notes and are getting advice from Solefood Street Farms on how to best mangage difficult conditions.

How have the gardens been managing in the heat of he past few weeks

No. The Backyard Cooperative and its Project Pickle Summer crew have access to the school courtyards and will tend the crop on a regular basis throughout the summer. We were just at Cougar Canyon and the farm is looking great!

My nieces class planted some vegetable by seed in a courtyard at Cougar Canyon elementary. Do the custodians water tghe plants over the summer?

Another great day out there!~`

South Park School has invested in an irrigation system which seems to be working great.

Courtyards were a concern but so far so good on this hot and sunny strat to the summer.

Still enjoying our radishes. The Jumbo variety are less spicy it seems

They are called Rainbow mix and I will definately use them again. Spectacular! Sole Food Farms is suggesting we plant French Breakfast Radishes as well. White root tip and bright re, A thinner variety that is sort of tube shaped.

Had one of the jumbo albino radishes in the salad the other night. Didn't seem to be as spicy as the red ones. Nice mild flavour.

The best thing has been seeing the smiles! It is all about the smiles!

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