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Holly Elementary gets in to the act

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 01 May 2013

Holly Elementary gets in to the act

Project Pickle continues to expand in the Delta School District. Frames are up and loaded at Holly Elementary

Off to Holly to plant greens with eighty kids. Wish me luck!

I notice that there are raised beds at Holly elementary what is going in and when?

Really nice to see the support of the North Delta Educators for Project Pickle. There are some really interesting sites to do some truly innovative things. We will be talking to our blooming partners at Solefood Farms about some of the paved surfaces options.

Today...more planting, site surveys at Seaquam and at Cougar Canyon, principals meeting at Sequam for Project Pickle and soil delivery at English Bluff. We are in full swing!

Here we are on May 1 and things are ramping up big time for Project Pickle. Today 80 kids from Cliff Drive planted Lettuce and Spinach at their school neighbourhood farm.

Dozens of children have got their fingers dirty this past week or two and the number of kids that will touch agriculture in the coming two weeks will be incredible.Want to help out? Send an email to

A lovely addition to the Holly Friendship garden.

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