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Hauling Lumber for Project Pickle

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 23 February 2013

Some grade 11 Sundevils do their part to bring Project Pickle in the Delta School District

Amazingly the Sundevils were able to get the soil in to the courtyard in between torrential rains. Well done everyone!

More soil going in to SDSS today. Good thing the rain has stopped! Will it hold?

Diabetes is an epidemic for children in North America. You can see why in this very scary article from the New York Times. Project Pickle will help children break away from the addictive junk food aisles.

It has been fantastic to see what has been accomplished in just a few short months.

28 raised garden beds have been built by children in the Delta School District. Kindergarten kids have planted daffodils, grade 4's have sold greens, Primary children have been taught how to pickle, grade 5's have been taught how to compost....the list goes on! And, we are just getting started!

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