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Harvest Continues

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 04 November 2013

Harvest Continues

Still lots of produce in the ground at school neighbourhood farms in Delta. The kids will be busy with harvest this week. Composting and food chain lessons are upcoming over the next few weeks. Several hundred children will be involved in these units in the coming weeks.

No. The produce is for the schools to harvest as a part of the Project Pickle initiative. The idea is to show the children that there are many stages involved that get food from farm to table. They are tasks with many elements of this process. You can inquire at the school or through this website to see waht is available for purchase and when. We are winding down for this year but will have a full schedule in place for the coming year and we will also be announcing and exciting local retail program.

Can anyone take the food from the gardens at the shools?

can we buy some of the food grown on the school farms?

This is cabbage that is being grown at the English Bluff School farm

What is this a picture of?

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