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Happy Earth Day from The Delta School District

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 22 April 2013



Mrs Morrow's English Bluff Elementary School's grade three class celebrated Earth Day today by spelling the school name in radish seed in one of the beds at their school neighbourhood farm. They then performed a rousing rendition of Happy Earth Day. Happy Earth day to all of you from the Delta School District!

from earth day to food rev day. The transistion happens now. Well done deltas37!!

A nice partnership brewing. Or should I say growing :) My neice is really enjoying thios program and looks forward to getting outside to see her radishes. Thanks to the Delta School District for developing this worthy program and thanks to the Corporation of Delta for getting involved as well.

We are so very pleased that the Corporation of Delta is partnering with us. Thye are providing the soil for our school neighbourhood farms. Their partner, Westcoast lawns does the delivery for us. On Monday there were to be three deliveries from the same dump truck which is no easy task. Long story short, the last 5 yard were to be split betwenn two schools but when the dump truck bed went up, the soil was dry enough that it all poured out and hence the mountain! The kids have had a blast moving it around though!

I saw a huge mountain of soil at Cliff drive School. What is it all for?

Holly elementary is all framed up and ready for soil on Monday. More soil to Cliff Drive and English Bluff on Monday as well

Lots going on during a beautiful weather week. I have a boatload of video and photographs that I nee to publish. Soon!

I showed up a little early for my session with kids today. It happened to be just before lunch. Felt like a rockstar as some of the kids yelled out and pointed "There's farmer Mike" :)

What a great day to be outside planting stuff! Actually felt some heat. As usual the kids had a blast. Thanks Rennie! The garlic is looking fantastic!

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