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Gibson Garden Club

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 07 April 2014

Gibson Garden Club

Grade 6 and 7 peer mentors dish out radish and beet seed to the grade 3 members of the Gibson elementary Garden Club.

They have decided what they want to plant and are looking forword to working their school neighbourhood farm.

Now is a good time to get the first rotation of beets in the ground by seed. Most varieties take 50-60 days to reach maturity

I was thinking of planting some beets in our backyard. Is it too early and how long do they take to grow?

The kids want to grow strawberries and bluberries , carrots and wildflowers so that is on the agenda for the ext session with the garden club.

Check out our resources page here. There are a couple of seeding charts listed in attachments

curious about what I can plant from seed right now. Can we plant tomatoes outside?

What else are they going to plant?

The Gibson Garden Club is comprised of about ten grade 6 and 7 kids, ten grade three kids and an assortment of other grades. They have been diligently preparing their farm for planting and we got the first seed in today. Radish, Arugula and beets are in the ground.

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